Financial support

The PBI Foundation offers the following types of financial support:

  • Grants for research project
  • Travelling scholarships for conference participation and mobility
  • Arranging of seminars

Who can apply

According to the bylaws of the foundation, research grants are, in principle, offered only to individuals; no general support is given to an institution or organisation.

How to apply for a grant

Grants and scholarships are approved continuously during the year. Applications with appendices is submitted electronically through the application form Apply for a grant, after which they are handled through direct personal contacts with representatives of the foundation. Supported programmes shall begin within six months from the date of application approval. Delays or interruptions may result in the termination of financing.

The application process is confidential. The applicants will be notified of the PBI Foundation’s decision individually by email. The names of the grant recipients will also be published on the PBI Foundation’s website. The applicant is expected to report how the aid granted has been used.

General guidelines and restrictions

Applications for research funding support must include a condensed statement describing the purpose, time frames, and content of the project work. An itemised budget should be appended. Applications shall include academic records and reference letters.

Financing is provided for postgraduate students to travel to conduct research and participate in conferences. Travelling scholarships are awarded to outstanding postgraduate student on the basis of the application submitted.

The grant is intended to cover travel expenses, living costs, and tuition. Applications should be submitted upon obtaining preliminary acceptance from the proposed host university or accepted papers to a conference.


Part financing of arranging scientific seminars can be granted if the seminar is within the foundations purpose and fulfils high-level scientific standard and with a minimum of 10 participants.

For more information about the application process, please contact:

Mikaela Funck
Executive Assistant